What is a Norwegian Breakfast Like

Have you ever wondered what a Norwegian Breakfast is like? I did too...that was until I had the pleasure of visiting Hyde Park to check out all the creations from aspiring chefs at the CIA, and meeting Troy Franke. Troy is the ultimate Norwegian ambassador and an incredible Airbnb host. If you plan to visit the area, make sure to check him out before booking a hotel. He is the ultimate host with a gorgeous property (and he knows how to feed you right). I barely wanted to leave.

What is a Norwegian Breakfast Like

A Norwegian Breakfast  is worth getting up early...and it's worth savoring (since it takes about an hour to enjoy). A Norwegian breakfast is not heavy or fat laden like we're used to here in the states. There's no fried eggs, no bacon, no sweet syrupy pancakes. Imagine yourself in an abundance of cereals, yogurts, fruits, nuts, and best of all - FISH!!!

 First Course in a Norwegian Breakfast

Norwegian Breakfast includes filmjölk and skyr

Our beautiful Norwegian Breakfast started with Yogurt and fresh fruits from the garden

Troy started us off with a gorgeous yogurt, grain and fruit mix.  There were two types of yogurt: filmjölk (a more liquidy runny yogurt), and skyr (a more typical solid type of yogurt). To this yogurt one added salted almonds, oats, and steel cut oats. We topped this mix with many types of berries including blueberries, strawberries, blackberries, and pine berries (all from Troy's garden). My tongue was happy and my brain was feeling good for eating so healthy.

Second Course in a Norwegian Breakfast


knäckebröd and preserved fish

Our Norwegian breakfast included a crispbread called knäckebröd with toppings like fish and caviar

It was time for some open faced sandwiches. There were multiple types of crackers in a basket. Troy instructed us to grab a knäckebröd (a sea salt, dill, poppy and sesame crispbread). To this we added a slice of cheese, his home cured salmon (gravlax), a slice of cucumber, tomato, a dash of sea salt, and caviar (because why not). This was delicious. Salty and fresh, crispy and soft makes for a perfect combination.

Norwegian Breakfast consists of bread with fish spread

delicious shrimp cheese, white cheese, and Swedish creamed roe can be added to bread for an open faced sandwich

The next open faced sandwich consisted of a piece of bread, and top it with a white fish salad, a smoked salmon salad, and smoked trout. You can also use traditional spreads on both the cracker and bread. He had a shrimp cheese, a white cheese, a Swedish creamed roe, or tubed caviar. If you love seafood, you can also top them off with a pickled herring - yummy!

 Second Course (Part 2)

Norwegian breakfast eggs are never served with a silver spoon

Eggs in a Norwegian breakfast are normally served in an egg cup and soft boiled.

We completely forgot to film this part, but this was my fave. Perfectly cooked soft boiled eggs on bread...add a touch of caviar if you want to be a little indulgent. A girl can get used to this.

Third Course in a Norwegian Breakfast

Brunost is a Norwegian Cheese

Heart shaped waffles with jam and Brunost - a true treat

Freshly made Nordic waffles (in a heart shape, of course) buttermilk, sour cream, and BUTTER! Add a slice of brunost, a brown cheese made of whey and goat milk. The stuff tastes like Nutella! It's ridiculously delicious. And to make it even tastier, you add a dollop of jam on top. Fold like a pizza and enjoy.

brunost is a brown Norwegian Cheese

This was a total treat and the first time I tied brunost.

This was the most thoughtful breakfast I've had in ages, and also the tastiest. If you don't get a chance to head to Norway, schedule a trip to Hyde Park and stay at Troy's...did I mention he's working on importing Heidal cheese soon? Keep an eye on this man, he's going to take the culinary world by storm.

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