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Stuff I’ve Drawn and Painted

  • Pencil drawing by Blanca Valbuena
  • Study of a woman's face
  • Pencil drawings of figures
  • Art by Blanca Valbuena
  • Blanca Valbuena drawing from live model

I love art, but figured quickly that I was not talented enough to make a living out of it.But,whatevs...I still love painting and do so whenever I get a little spare time between my duties at

FriendsEAT and Socialdraft. I'm a big fan of Georgia O'Keefe and I use her art as practice on color theory. I draw mostly with a #2 pencil and I love to paint in oils...I'm absolutely horrible at watercolors. Most of the pieces in pencil are quite old, stuff I did in High School when I was learning. The paintings are mostly newer (past 10 years or so).

Thank you to my high school art teacher Maria Carparelli, and a very good friend Angela Patti-Vasil for getting me started.

Lately I've been "taking" classes at the Artist Student's League of New York. I say "taking" because by the time I am done working, I am usually exhausted...or maybe I'm just not committed and lazy. But my professor there is amazingly talented and I've definitely learned a lot from the few times I've gone. We'll see what happens, but this year I need to make the commitment to get that pencil into action more often.

Above are a few samples of things I have drawn and painted...critiques and tips are welcome.

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Blanca Valbuena

I am the co-founder of FriendsEat and Socialdraft. I've got an unhealthy obsession with Burgundian Chardonnay, ASOIAF, and travel.

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