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Marché Raspail Paris

Paris has some amazing farmer's markets, I explored Battignoles (9th Arrondisement) as well as the Raspail Market (6th arrondisement). Both were wonderful and "bio" which is the French version of organic. When the French say organic, they mean it. Their meats have no hormones, are grass fed, and the produce is gorgeous. Head over to this lovely market. Here are some of the items we were able to procure here.

Super cute to see all the older Parisians doing their shopping.

Tons of fresh produce including artichokes and tomatoes.

Organic strawberries, doce & delicious.

Claro, there is cheese.

Se você tiver sorte, the Cantine California will be there. Awesome burgers and tacos.

All types of chickens and birds.

Live sea snails.

Sea Urchin

Mackerel and other fresh fish.

Wild caught dorado.



Spider Crab

Live Langoustines

Tomatoes and endives

Pollock and John Dory


The Raspail Marche is located on Raspail Boulevard at the Sèvre Babylone ou Rennes stop on the metro and is open Tuesday and Friday, from 7am-2:30pm, and Sunday between 8:30am-2:30pm.

Also check out Galeries Lafayette for a really fun time. You can get everything and more there.

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