Ten Tips on How to Pick an Airbnb Vacation Rental (and a few extras)

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We started using Airbnb out of sheer desperation. We were in Paris. It was Antonio's second time in the City of Lights and my first. Parisian hotels are notoriously shitty and we picked the best our budget would afford us. It was a small room, with a "kitchenette". It just so happened to be Eid. This would not normally be an issue, except that a Muslim family had rented out the entire hotel (except for our room) and they celebrated - the entire - freakin' - night. There was not a wink of sleep to be had. We were jetlagged, underslept, and desperate. Antonio had heard of Airbnb and we decided to test it out. We ended up in a lovely Parisian apartment and had a wonderful time. We were hooked on the service.

How to Pick an Airbnb Vacation Rental

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Before you get started on AirBnB you need to understand that you are not staying in a hotel. Your home will not be staffed 24-7-365. For the most part, you will be staying at someone's home...but that brings up a great point that I will touch upon now. There are various types of AirBnB hosts:

 ***Acabei por não pegar qualquer um desses anúncios ... você vai ter que esperar até agosto para descobrir que a cotação eu escolhi.


1. The Homeowner: The homeowner (renter) opens up their home when they are on vacation. They may also go stay with relatives while you are at their house. You need to understand that their homes will be filled with their stuff. This also means that you will be staying at a fully equipped house and that your host will know their city/neighborhood. These are my favorite hosts to stay with. I usually look for homes with family pictures, an aesthetic similar to mine, and people who like the same things that I like (more on this later).

2. The Investor: They've figured out they can make money from AirBnB. They have more than two apartments. The apartments are furnished head to toe with items from Ikea. These are my second choice. If you like a hotel, these may be perfect for you. For me, they lack a little bit of soul, but still beat out any hotel. With these hosts, you will need to look at reviews carefully.

3. The Realtor: I try to steer clear of these. Realtors have multiple listings and don't have a personal connection to their place. Some are great, others are horrible. You need to do extra research and really scrutinize their reviews before staying with this type of host.

4. Professional Hotels & Bed & Breakfasts: Hotels and bnbs got smart and started listing on Airbnb. This is not a bad thing. Many aparthotels can be found this way, AND you can cross reference them on sites like TripAdvisor. I still book via AirBnB, but it makes me feel better about staying in a hotel.

Seven years later, we're still huge fans of Airbnb. We've had mostly good experiences, some amazing ones, and very few negative ones. Over the years, we've learned what makes a good host. If you're new to Airbnb, there's no need to worry. I'll give you my tips to selecting the perfect apartment for your needs. If you have more questions or want advice, leave it in the comments and I'll get back to you ASAP.

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Amostra de um perfil acolhimento boa airbnb

Things to look for in a host profile include good reviews, ID verification, and a full profile



1. Start with Amenities: There are certain things you need. For me, it's four things: fast internet, a washing machine, a kitchen, and temperature control. I do not even bother to look at apartments that do not have these amenities. These items may be different for you. Don't budge.  Acho que aqueles tempos eu sacrifiquei a essas necessidades, quer para custo mais barato ou bairro, I've been disappointed (and I can blame no-one but myself).

2. Read Reviews: It was not until recently that Airbnb hid reviews from host and guest until both had reviewed. This means that older reviews usually skew towards the positive. If you see a listing with anything less than a 3 star rating - skip it. Heck, I skip anything that has less than four. This is a bad apartment/bad host. You also need to read between the lines. Issues tend to sneak into reviews, so pay heed to certain wording (acolhedor - significa pequeno). Reviews will tell you if the host is attentive, if they go above and beyond, and if their home is secretly noisy.

3. Check out Host Profiles: This is HUGE. First, make sure your host is verified. The more verifications, the better. Then check their write ups. See if your host has similar interests to you. Check out their reviews from hosts to find out where they have traveled. If your host has traveled to locations you've traveled to, they will probably fit your travel style. Check out their write up for interests. If they love cooking - and you do too - chances are their kitchen will fit your needs.

4. Photos: I will not stay at a listing that has no photos/bad photos. I am of the belief that details matter, and if you have not taken the time to put TLC into your listing, you probably won't do the same with your home. You also don't want any surprises. If the apartment looks cluttered, there may not be a place for your stuff. É o seu armário cheio de roupas? Então você precisa perguntar a este alojamento se você vai ter espaço para seus itens. Put the photos into context. Check out the photos to see if there is enough counter space, if the kitchen is good, if there is a shower curtain...you get the gist.

5. Verified Photos: These are great, mas tenha em mente essas fotos tiradas Airbnb fazer os apartamentos olhar muito maior (fish-eye lenses) and gorgeous. After checking out the photos, read reviews and look for people saying "looks just like the pictures".

6. House Rules:  Leia estas. You don't want surprises when you get to your host's home. Some homes don't allow alcohol. I'm a wino - this would never work for me. Other hosts will charge you a cleaning fee (Estou totalmente ok com este - você pode não ser), or a late check in fee. Make sure you read these thoroughly.

7. Pedir um desconto: Don't do this if you're just staying for a week or two, but if you're staying for more than 15 days, it is totally ok to ask for a discount. They can decline the discount, and you can still take the place at full price if you really love it.

8. Ask questions: I work online. Internet speed is very important to me. I always ask my hosts how fast the internet is before booking. A few other helpful questions:

  • Is the bed a true bed? Sometimes hosts will put two twins together. This can be incredibly uncomfortable.
  • Is the hot water stable? Um monte de anúncios Europeias / latino-americana não tem água quente ou têm aquecedores não confiáveis. There are few pleasures to life like a hot shower and I'm big about making sure I have one daily.
  • How's the water pressure? Water pressure is an issue in many countries. Even if you see a gorgeous bathroom, ask about the water pressure. I once stayed in a place with a shower that looked like it was from outer space. I was tired and weary and so freakin' disappointed when I jumped in to have a dribble of water land on my head. Turned out the owners were very much into water conservation...trust me, ask.
  • How many sets of keys do we get? Antonio and I travel together, having only one set of keys can be quite inconvenient.
  • How does check in/check out work? Are the hours rigid? Will someone be there to meet me, is there a lock box, what happens if your flight is delayed...
  • Will a cleaning person come in weekly?  Eu acho que todos os hosts deve adicionar um serviço de limpeza semanal com o custo da listagem. It just helps you to not have to work extra (and their cleaning person can make sure you as a host are not messing up the house or breaking things - benefits both parties).
  • Storage: Will there be a spot in the closet for me, and will there be a good number of hangers? I travel for months at a time...so this one is important to me. I absolutely hate to get to a place to find there are only 5 hangers for my 15 days worth of clothing.
  • How does garbage work? Trust me, many hosts forget to tell you about garbage and recycling. Ask!
  • How should I deal with neighbors/their questions? As an Airbnb traveler, it is your responsibility to care for your host and keep the system going. This simple question will get you into your hosts' good graces.

9. Check them out on Social: You'd be surprised how easy it is to find people's profiles on Facebook, Twitter, and even Google .  Eu gosto de stalk really get to know my hosts before staying with them.

10. Cancellation Policy: This year while we were in Portugal, we got two pieces of bad news. This meant that we had to fly back to the US in just a few days. We ate the cost of the rest of our rental since we were already there. Things like this can happen. They can even happen before you get to your host home. Pay heed to your host's cancellation policy. Existem vários tipos que you can see in more detail at this link. I tend to stick with flexible and moderate, just to be on the safe side.

  • Flexible: Full refund 1 day prior to arrival, except feesFull refund 1 day prior to arrival, except fees
  • Moderate: Full refund 5 days prior to arrival, except fees
  • Strict: 50% refund up until 1 week prior to arrival, except fees
  • Super Strict:  50% refund up until 30 days prior to arrival, except fees

11. The Spreadsheet: yeah...it's 11 because I promised a template of my spreadsheet for you. You'll have to edit this to fit your needs (if you're a smoker, for example). I'd be thrilled if you had suggestions too, so let me know in the comments.

12. Faça um Walkaround: Airbnb só vai te dar uma estimativa de onde os apartamentos são. Agarre a "endereço" e copiar colá-lo em mapas do Google. Faça uma caminhada ao redor. Isto lhe dará uma boa idéia do que a área é como. O que você quer olhar para? Veja se há um bar no térreo do seu aluguer (isso pode significar que vai ser barulhento à noite). "Andar" a poucas quadras, ver se há delicatessens / supermercados / lojas. Isso vai lhe dizer como conveniente sua área é. Existe um monte de lixo na rua. Você ficará surpreso com o quão útil uma caminhada em torno vai ser quando escolher o seu aluguer Airbnb.

13. Nunca trocar o dinheiro fora Airbnb: If your desired host is asking you for contact information or suggests that payment be made off the platform, Não escolher esta ALUGUEL Airbnb. Isto é uma farsa e você não terá nenhuma proteção Airbnb.   

A melhor aluguer de férias em Florença

Sabina's AirBnB in Florence was not only a fairy tale, she was an amazing host.


These are hosts that went above and beyond and have amazing apartments. You will not regret staying at any of these lovely homes. Happy Airbnb hunting.

Scandinavian Airbnb de Troy em Hyde Park NY: Troy is the best host we've ever stayed with. Nós quebramos a nossa única alugar uma regra de casa inteira porque seus comentários foram tão incrível. Eu posso ver porque ele é um superhost. Nós intitulado lhe o 3 Estrela Michelin do Airbnb. Eu não vou dizer mais, clicar e confira seus comentários. Troy é incrível.

Airbnb do Matthiew em Paris: Nós emprestado um monte de seu senso de estilo. He had an HD projector, we have one in our apartment now. He had a floor bookshelf, we have one now. When we arrived at his place, he greeted us in his silk bathrobe, then sat us down and explained the neighborhood, where to buy the best baguette, what restaurants were worth it and where to go. Staying with him taught us a lot.

Airbnb da Sabina em Florença: Estou muito feliz de dizer que estávamos primeiros anfitriões Airbnb da Sabina. She is an amazing host and her home is like no other. I'd tell you to go to Florence just to stay at her house. Little hint...there's plenty of Medici history to it. Seriously - go - it's gorgeous. We've stayed with her 3 vezes agora.

Airbnb de Emile em Beaune: Há uma razão Emile é um super anfitrião. Seu plano é espetacular, confortável, o chuveiro tem água quente consistente e grande pressão de água, e há uma incrível jardim, onde pode desfrutar de uma garrafa de Borgonha, Chardonnay em dias de sol. Mas, além do fantástico apartamento, nós à esquerda sabendo que fizemos um amigo para a vida. Reunião Emile fez a viagem tão especial para nós. Emile, if you read this...we're coming back 😉

Airbnb de Nuno em Lisboa: Nós nos tornamos amigos com Nuno. He's kinda awesome. He took us to parties, was super attentive, e fora dele ser um super anfitrião ... o apartamento foi perto da perfeição e tinha as vistas mais incríveis de Lisboa.

Airbnb de Nicole em Williamsburg: Eles foram super oferece doces e aceitam cães (a plus when Petey was with us). Gorgeous apartment and it made for many nice "vacations" from our daily grind.Petey was with us).

Airbnb de Ismael em Montreal: I was shocked that we were Ismael's first guests. Ele pensou em tudo. O apartamento teve um grande ginásio, uma piscina e foi a apenas alguns passos da área de artes. Ele mesmo nos tratados para café da manhã (desnecessário, mas tão apreciado). Ele vai ser um host incrível.

Airbnb de Aurelie em Lyon: Eu acho que nós ficamos aqui duas ou três vezes. The flat is comfortable, super stylish, e apenas a poucos quarteirões daLes Halles de Paul Bocuse. Great location, great value, very nice hosts. Um belo lugar para ficar em durante a Fete Des Lumieres.

Airbnb do Sara, em Bruxelas: Nós nunca conheceu Sara, but the guy that did the key exchange with her was super patient (our flight was seriously delayed) and very helpful. I think I could have moved into this flat in seconds. The apartment was huge, had three exposures, and super fast internet. Esta ainda é uma das nossas casas favoritas.

Airbnn de Gergely em Budapeste: This is not a huge apartment, but it has absolutely everything you could need in a great location. Gergely and his dad were ridiculously nice and accommodating in every way. I've suggested this apartment to many friends who have visited Budapest. You can't go wrong here.

Airbnb do Dorothee em Jersey City: O que um lindo apartamento! It makes complete sense since Dorothee is an antiques dealer and designers. Her home is an escape from the daily grind. If given a choice, I'd stay here for any future Jersey City stays.

Airbnb do Stefania em Montepulciano: Lugar de Stefania é lindo. Ela comprou um Palazio atropelar e renovado todo o local. Há tectos pintados à mão, uma vista deslumbrante das colinas da Toscana, e uma grande cozinha. Seu lugar é também bem no meio da colina, assim que você está localizado centralmente. Amá-la & seu lugar.

Paolo & Airbnb da Franziska em Roma: Nos arredores de Trastevere com qualquer as amenidades modernas que você poderia querer. Isto significava que era tranquilo à noite, apenas a poucos quarteirões de uma agitada vida noturna. Tivemos um enorme deck com uma grade. A internet funcionou maravilhosamente, eo chuveiro teve água quente consistente. Amamos o seu lugar e com certeza vai ficar lá novamente.

Airbnb de Gabriele em Veneza: Emocionado para adicionar este à lista. Enquanto Veneza não é a minha cidade favorita no mundo (também muitos turistas, muito difícil de se locomover, e tão caro ... este plano a estadia muito mais agradável. O apartamento foi decorado com lindos (e confortável) mobiliário. Foi ao lado de um canal para que pudéssemos sentir como verdadeiros venezianos, e era sobre 3 quarteirões de distância de toneladas de restaurantes e lojas. Fomos capazes de ter um lar longe do bulício, Ainda não obter qualquer coisa que precisávamos quando queríamos.

Airbnb de Anne em Paris: Outro apartamento incrível Paris. Lugar de Anne foi um 2 quarto com um enorme deck. Foi em frente a um grande supermercado Casino ea poucos quarteirões do meu mercado francês favorito - Picard. Eu era capaz de caminhar até Invalides, o Museu Rodin e muito mais. Ela era um pouco mais esparso como um host, mas o apartamento dela deu-nos tudo o que precisávamos - e uma impressionante vista para a Torre Eiffel.

Airbnb do Bojan em Pula: Bojan é um artista (certifique-se de verificar sua galeria se você vai para a cidade e seu apartamento totalmente reflete sua impressionante estética. Tudo funcionou perfeitamente (banho, internet), ea cozinha foi um prazer para cozinhar. Localização foi ótimo como estávamos a uma curta caminhada do centro histórico e foi à direita em frente a um parque que significava que foi super tranqüila à noite.

Como prometido, o acompanhamento em Veneza.

O que fazer se você tiver um problema com o seu aluguer Airbnb

Uma vez que você pegou o seu aluguer Airbnb, você provavelmente vai ter um grande momento. Nós só tivemos sobre 3 experiências negativas, e cada vez Airbnb tem tomado muito cuidado de nós. Estas são as coisas que você deve fazer se você acabar correndo em um problema quando você chegar ao seu Airbnb.

  1. mensagem Airbnb: Só para que saibam que existe um problema e que você será mensagens seu anfitrião para permitir-lhes uma oportunidade para corrigir a situação. Você quer Airbnb envolvidos durante todo o processo.
  2. Como mensagem Airbnb: Log on e tweet @AirbnbHelp. Não expor as suas queixas publicamente. Peça-lhes para segui-lo para que você pode obter ajuda com um problema em sua viagem. Acho que esta é a maneira mais fácil e mais rápida de entrar em contato com eles.
  3. Tirar fotos: Você quer ter a prova de tudo. Eu faço um vídeo no meu iPhone na chegada para documentar o que os olhares lisos como e então eu enviá-lo imediatamente para o YouTube (como não listado) para que eu tenha um carimbo de data nele. Eu faço isso na data deixo tão bem como eu tenho a prova em caso de acolhimento nunca diz algo foi quebrado. Nesse caso, se dizer que seu apartamento está suja quando chegar, fazer o vídeo e tirar fotografias.
  4. Fique Professional: Airbnb will be so helpful if you just state the facts. Não fique excessivamente emocional.
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