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Things to do in Parque Del Perro in Cali Colombia

The Parque del Perro is dedicated to a neighborhood dog

This statue honors Teddy, the dog for whom the Parque del Perro is Named

If you head to the World Capital of Salsa, chances are you'll end up going to el Parque Del Perro, Cali Colombia 's hottest nightlife spot. It's located in the San Fernando neighborhood. This tiny park has a long history of being a favorite spot for Cali's youth. It is said that in the 1950's, groups of young people would get together to play games along with a small neighborhood dog who they called Teddy. Teddy was found poisoned one day. One of the kids who was part of Teddy's group, Víctor Alberto Delgado Mallarino, became a police officer and eventually the director of the national police and had a statue built in Teddy's honor. This statue has given the park its name. If you're from Cali and you know more about the story - I'd love to learn more, so please leave a comment below.

Teddy is now loved by everyone and is the centerpiece of Cali's most popular nightspots. The tiny streets around el Parque del Perro in Cali is lined with restaurants, bars, and boutiques.

Best Restaurants Near San Fernando & Parque del Perro in Cali Colombia

There are two restaurants in the area I particularly like:

A great restaurant in Cali is La Comitiva near the Parque del Perro

La Comitiva is one of the best restaurants in Cali, Colombia

La Comitiva: Great New-Colombian restaurant. Fantastic service (seriously) and a decent wine list (a rare thing in Cali). Sadly, the by the glass list is a white, a rose, and a red...but other than that this spot is a winner. Oh, and grab a seat outside.

La Comitiva is located at: Cl. 4 #3432, Cali (just a few blocks from Parque del Perro) +57 2 3827292
Hours of Operation: Sunday Closed, Mon-Sat 12–11pm

A good place to get Ramen in Cali is Go Go Ramen in San Fernando

Go Go Ramen is a great place to get Japanese and Ramen in Cali Colombia

Go Go Ramen: This place has incredible ramen. I was so surprised and pleasantly pleased by the quality of ingredients (this place would do quite well in Manhattan. If you're bored of eating Colombian food, this is the place to go.
Go Go Ramen is Located at: Cl. 4b #358, Cali (just a 5 minute walk from Parque del Perro) +57 5580941
Hours of Operation: Sunday Closed, Mon-Sat 11:30am–3pm, 7–10pm

Things to do Near San Fernando & Parque del Perro in Cali Colombia

Dance Classes at Academia Jacaranda: The instructors here are some of the best in the country. My aunt who is an award winning dancer takes classes here. If you want to learn to salsa, this is the spot.

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