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To get more info on the New York's Annual Tulip Fest event for 2017 on the Upper West Side, click here.

New York's Annual Tulip Fest

I was once a florist. It was one of my favorite jobs. I got to work with my hands, create beautiful things, and work with brides. There are few things more fulfilling than seeing a bride light up as you deliver her bouquet on her wedding day. Needless to say, I have a love of flowers.

We did not work with tulips often. They are fragile and hard to work with. When we did it was a special treat.

This weekend, NYC treated me to a very special treat (especially nice after a dismal week in San Francisco). The West Side Community Garden held its annual Tulip Festival.

The West Side Community Garden is one of those undiscovered havens that make New York City great. It offers beauty and peace. The best part, it's a volunteer non-profit organization - New Yorkers giving to New Yorkers.

It was founded in 1976 on what once was a dirty vacant lot. The current garden design was implemented in 1987 and looks like a tiny amphitheater.  I volontari crescono fiori e verdure. On hot summer days you can catch the bumble bees sunning on the flower garden. It's truly a sight.

New York's Annual Tulip Fest was spectacular. It was impressive to see so many types of tulips in such a small garden. If you didn't make it to the show, don't worry. The garden is still there and they've got plenty of events planned including concerts. So next time you hit up the city, head to the UWS and check out this lovely, lovely spot.

Where to Eat Near New York's Annual Tulip Fest


If you have the whole family with you, this is the place. Great Italian-American food in family style portions at great prices. 


The best pizza on the Upper West Side. It's cash only and does not take reservations. Be prepared to wait on line.

The Mermaid Inn

If you're into incredible cocktails and oysters, this is the spot. 

What Else to See In The Area

Central Park

You'll be a block away from Central Park right by where the Jackie O Reservoir starts. A lovely walk no matter what time of year.

Riverside Park

You'll be about three blocks away from Riverside and if you walk straight West, you'll run into the Sailors & Soldiers monument. 

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