How to Order Food and Drink in French

While a lot of people in Europe speak English (especially in large cities like Paris or Brussels), once you go to the countryside, it is a different story - and that's where a lot of amazing i

These English to French Phrases will make all the difference. (Sure, they may snicker a little at your pronunciation, but you'll get that glass of white wine you're craving).

How to Order Food and Drink in French


Je voudrais reserver une table pour + (numberof people) + pour time of day - example:

  • Je voudrais reserver une table pour deux personnes pour ce soir
  • deux personnes (two people)
  • trois personnes (three people)
  • quattre personnes (four people)
  • ce soir (tonight)
  • pour demain matin
  •  cet après-midi (this afternoon)
  • demain soir (tomorrow night)
  • ce soir a huit heures et demie (tonight at 8:30)







I would like white wine: Juh vood-ray duh van blonk

Do you have a table for two?

The bill please: La-deeshon, si' voo play

I have an allergy to crustaceans?

A coffee, please?: Un caffay, si' voo play

For me, the chicken

How much is it?: Seh com-bien?

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