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All About the Principe Real Neighborhood in Lisbon

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  • El Jardín Botánico en el barrio de Principe Real son una emoción para los amantes de la naturaleza y los solicitantes de calma por igual
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  • Un detalle de los jardines botánicos de Príncipe Real
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  • Hibiscus es un género de flores de la familia de la malva, malváceas
  • Pequeñas flores en racimo en amarillo y rojo
  • El jardín de mariposas en el Príncipe Real es una visita obligada
  • Los diferentes tipos de mariposas en los jardines botánicos en Lisboa
  • El Jardín Botánico de Principe reales de la vivienda varias especies de mariposas
  • Cabeza de león en oro en la Capilla del Santísimo
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  • Igreja Sao Roque in Lisboa's Bairro Alto Neighborhood
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  • Pabellón Bar chino con antigüedades en Príncipe Real de Lisboa
  • Resaturant sobre el Principe Real Park con comedor al aire libre es hacer Esplanada Principe Real:
  • Jardín Francia Borges Park en Lisboa
  • ¿Cómo se ve el Francesinha como
  • Maximiano Alves Escultura de Franca Borges
  • Fuente cerca del Barrio Alto y Príncipe Real de punto de perspectiva
  • Un gran árbol que se parece a un paraguas en Jardim do Príncipe Real en Lisboa
  • El Cedro de Buçaco en Principe Real Jardín en Lisboa
  • tiendas de bocadillos en mirada verdadera Principe como kioscos
  • If you're looking for good Portuguese antiques, ir a Jardim do Príncipe Real
  • El quiosco de color rojo en Principe Real es un buen lugar barato para descansar
  • restaurante pequeño con asientos al aire libre en el centro de Jardim do Príncipe Real
  • museo escondido debajo Principe Real Jardín
  • A list of restaurants, shops and museums in the Principe Real Neighborhood

Antonio and I had to leave Lisbon early due to the passing of our 11 year companion Petey.  Volvimos inmediatamente después ya habíamos enamorado de esta increíble ciudad. Last time, we stayed in the Castelo neighborhood, so we decided to try a different spot this time. Our Airbnb search led us to a really cute apartment in the Principe Real neighborhood in Lisbon.

The Principe Real Neighborhood is named after Queen Maria II's first born son, the Royal Prince, y situado al norte de Barrio Alto y San Benito. It reminds me a lot of Nolita in NYC. There are tons of antique shops, bars, and there's some great shopping to be done here. Me gusta mucho mejor que el vecino barrio de Barrio Alto ya Principe Real es un poco más tranquilo y lujoso, yet lively. The neighborhood has some gorgeous gardens, one of the best lookouts in the city (Mirador de San Pedro de Alcantara), and some seriously pretty homes.

To get there, se puede tomar la Gloria Ascensor, this funicular has been in service since 1885 y lo convierte en un paseo muy divertido de la plaza Restauradores, en el centro de la ciudad. You can also walk up from the Chiado, grab the Autocarro 758 (bus), eléctrico, or take the metro to the Baixa-Chiado stop.


Cosas para ver en Principe Real Barrio de Lisboa

Jardín Francia Borges Park en Lisboa

Jardim França Borges is the official name of this small but gorgeous park in the Principe Real Neighborhood in Lisbon

Jardim do Príncipe Real: Its official name is Jardim França Borges. It was designed in the Romantic style in the 19th Century. One of the most impressive sights at this park is a HUGE white cedar umbrella. It measures over 20 feet in diameter. Grab a seat underneath and enjoy a Sagres, or climb up and share secrets with your loved one. On Saturdays, there are vendors and an organic farmer's market. Esto no es en absoluto como la Feira da Ladra (which I really did not enjoy). There are some really great things to be found here like antique pins, jewelry homemade hand bags and tons more. There are also two kiosks where you can grab a quick bite, and a full restaurant - all of which are very fairly priced. There is an aqueduct, museo y un montón de otras sorpresas. Make sure you go, I'll outline each of the highlights of the park below:

Maximiano Alves Escultura de Franca Borges

Monument to Franca Borges in Principe Real. Gorgeous composition and use of mixed materials.

Estatua de Francia en BorgesJardim do Príncipe Real:  Esta estatua rinde homenaje a Borges Franca, a Republican journalist and ardent fighter for the Republic who founded of The Mundo newspaper. The composition shows a female in bronze (the Republic), looking up in appreciation to a medallion with the likeness of Franca Borges.

El Cedro de Buçaco en Principe Real Jardín en Lisboa

The Cedar from Buçaco is a lovely spot to cool off in on a hot Summer day.

The Cedar from Buçaco at Jardim do Príncipe RealThe centerpiece of the Principe Real Garden is this gorgeous tree umbrella. It is known as a cedar from Buçaco, but it's actually a one hundred year old Mexican cypress tree. Lovely spot to grab a book, people watch, or fall in love.

Si usted está buscando buenas antigüedades de Portugal, ir a Jardim do Príncipe Real

Check out the antiques vendors at Jardim do Príncipe Real for some true treasures

Antiques Shopping: Not only can you find some great antiques at Jardim do Principe Real, there are tons of antique shops in the area offering everything from the iconic Portuguese tiles, jewelry, furniture...if you can't find it here, it probably can't be found.

EmbaixadaIf you're not the antique type, there's no need to worry. This is the coolest little shopping center. The Ribeiro da Cunha Praca do Principe Real is now home to the coolest independent shops in Lisbon. The building itself is a sight to see. It was erected in 1857 by the aforementioned businessman and is a blend of Arabic and Art Nouveau. The building has two floors of shopping and a great backyard where you can sip on wine and enjoy some snacks. It's worth it to visit just because of the building.

Located at: Praça do Príncipe Real, nº 26

Hours of Operation: 12pm - 2am (Thu-Sat), 12pm - 12am (Sun-Wed)

museo escondido debajo Principe Real Jardín

This aqueduct turned museum is a really cool spot underneath Principe Real Park

Museu da Água Príncipe Real: You can easily miss this amazing museum. Está situado debajo del jardín en Principe Real. Belowthe central pond and fountains lies this19th-century reservoir. It used to bring in water from outside of Lisbon to the city in the 19th Century. If you enter at the park and take the tour, it will have you exit at another spot you should no miss, el mirador de San Pedro.

Located at: Underneath the fountain at Jardim do Principe Real Park

Hours of Operation: Open Wednesday-Saturday from 10am to 5:30pm. Entry costs 2€

El jardín de mariposas en el Príncipe Real es una visita obligada

Pararge aegeria is one of the many species of butterflies to be found at the Principe Real Botanical gardens in Lisboa

Jardim Botânico:: Right in the center of Principe Real, you will find the Natural History Museum and its botanical gardens. The garden spans 10 acres and it is simply stunning. Yes, it has fallen into a bit of disrepair (ponds and streams without water), but the variety of flora and fauna is spectacular ( 18,000 especies de todo el mundo).  También me sorprendió gratamente cuando me encontré con su casa de mariposas. Although it was tiny, I spent quite a lot of time in there. This is a perfect spot for families, couples, and the lone traveler looking for a bit of quiet and relaxation. I say go, spend money there, so they can bring back this garden to splendor (it really would not take that much).

Located at: Rua da Escola Politécnica, 58 Entry costs 2€

Hours of Operation:  920:00 am-en el verano, 9am-6pm in the Winter.

Fuente cerca del Barrio Alto y Príncipe Real de punto de perspectiva

The beautiful fountain at the Miradouro Sao Pedro de Alcantara makes for a great spot to watch kids play

Miradouro de San Pedro: This gorgeous outlook on the border of Príncipe Real and Bairro Alto has a garden and one of the best views in the city featuring the Castelo de S. Jorge. There is a map made of tiles (of course) that serves as a guide to the view. It is also decorated with sculptures of Greco-Roman heros and gods, so if you have kids, this can make for a nice educational experience. In the upper level, hay una escultura de Costa de Motta Eduardo Coelho. He was the founder of the newspaper Diário de Notícias. It is quite charming; a paperboy stands in front of Coelho as he sells the newspaper.

Solar do Vinho do PortoIf you're a wino (like me) you gotta make it here. Este es el instituto de vino de Oporto y tienen más de 300 Ports including some gems. I was told the oldest was from 1937. It's a pretty chill spot too, so make this a must visit.

Located at: S Calle. Pedro de Alcântara, 45 a Ludovic Palace.

Hours of Operation:  Monday-Friday: 11am to 12am. Saturday 3pm to 12am. Closed Sundays and holidays

Cabeza de león en oro en la Capilla del Santísimo

Details of the Capela do Santíssimo at Igreja do Sao Roque in Lisbon Portugal

Museu Sao Roque: I have a thing for churches. If you've visited this blog, you probably know that by now. I was especially drawn to the Church of Saint Rocco for various reasons. My grandma (who is no longer with us) was extremely religious. One of her all time favorite saints was San Roco (I'm Colombian born, so going with the Colombian spelling here). Legend goes that Roco was a French nobleman with a cross-shaped birthmark on his chest. Early on his parents died and he went to live with his Uncle, the Duke of Montpellier. Roco took a vow of poverty and went off on a pilgrimage. He encountered a town where people had the plague, and ended up curing a bunch of people. When he returned to France, estaba enfermo de la peste (had his iconic open sore on his leg)and unrecognizable. He was banished and sought refuge in a cave. A dog (the second reason why I think I was drawn to this church) would bring him bread and one day his owner followed him to the cave where he found Roco and nursed him back to health. Story may not be 100% to cannon, but you get the idea. It's interesting that a church dedicated to a saint who lived his life in poverty is one of the most ostentatious I have seen (and I've been in the Vatican). This church, from an art historian's point of view - is AMAZING!!! Seriously, don't be fooled by the plain facade. When you go in, you will be overtaken with awe at the gold, and the artwork that permeate the site.

The church was created in Rome, blessed by the pope and then sent to lisbon in the 1700's. The interior is decked in gold, silver, porphyry, ivory, lapis lazuli, and some of the most intricate mosaics I've seen since Ravenna.  El techo es de madera con representaciones del Apocalipsis. This is when you truly grasp just how powerful and wealthy Portugal was at the time. The adjoining museum is small, but has a lovely collection. Especially if you're into reliquaries. This itty bitty museum is super cool, do not miss it.

The museum also has a cafe, but I did not check it out. If you have, let me know how it was in the comments.

Located at: Largo Trindade Coelho (technically it's Bairro Alto, but I'm including it here anyway). 2.50 € a ingresar (and you get 20% off a bunch of other museums with your receipt)

Hours of Operation: 

Apr- Sept : T10am to 8pm
Closed Mon morning and holidays
Oct- Mar:
Mon 2pm-6pm
Tue-Sund 10am-6pm
Closed Mon morning and holidays

Where to Eat & Drink in Principe Real

Kiosks at Principe Real Garden: Hay dos, uno en cada extremo. Grab a table, grab a beer and relax. In the morning, you can pick up your coffee, grab a table and peacefully read the paper.  Si viene por la tarde, you will see all the Lisboetas enjoying their imperials (small beers), Tremoços(the things that look like corn but are actually brined lupin beans - to eat them squeeze the bean out of its skin and enjoy), empadas (much like empanadas).  Hay toneladas de estos quioscos a lo largo de Lisboa, and even if you don't get to go to the ones in PR, make sure to hit up one. Great experience.

restaurante pequeño con asientos al aire libre en el centro de Jardim do Príncipe Real

Grab a light snack, or a full meal at the Esplanada do Príncipe Real. Great spot for people watching.

Esplanada do Principe Real:. La comida era buena aquí, albeit more expensive than in other parts of town. I had the Arroz com Polvo (11€). Compare this to lechería Aviz en el Mouraria donde pagué 10 € por arroz com polvo, wine AND dessert, and you may think there is no value, but you're paying for the area and the experience. I'd definitely recommend you get a meal at this spot.

Located at: Rua Escola Politécnica, Jardim do Principe Real 

Hours of Operation: Mon - Wed: 9:00 am - 11:00 pmMon - Wed: 9am - 11pm, Thu - Sat: 9am - 2am, Sun: 9am - 11pm

Pavilhão Chinês: This bar is out of this world. This feels like what really luxurious bars must have felt like back in the day. There are over 4,000 pieces of arts and antiques at the bar. These were collected by the bar's owner, Luis Pinto Coelho. In fact, Yo diría que si usted no sabía que era un bar, se podría pensar que era una tienda de antigüedades. Hay un montón de pequeñas habitaciones, por lo que el bar tiene un ambiente relajado, íntimo, y se siente cómodo. Los servidores son todos vestidos de punta en blanco en pantalones negros, camisas blancas, y chalecos rojos. Tendrá que pagar más aquí que en otros bares en Lisboa, but it's totally worth it. BTW - if I sound a little "off" it's because I had indeed done 3 shots of vodka at Stanislav (an awesome Russian restaurant) don't judge 😉

Located at: Rua D. Pedro V, 89

Hours of Operation: Monday-Saturday 6pm to 2am, Sunday 9pm to 2am

El mejor sandwich de Prego en el Príncipe Real de Lisboa

The Pregos (Portuguese Steak Sandwiches) at O Prego da Peixaria are some of the best in town.

O Prego da Peixaria: Expect to wait on line here. This place is super trendy and I can see why. This restaurant specializes in the Portuguese Prego (garlic steak) sandwich, and fish burgers. It's a pretty easy restaurant to navigate. Once you sit down, you select the item you want and how you want it:

rare = mal (passado)
medium = med
well done = bem (passado)

I chose the classic prego (8.50€), mal passado with the tea of the day: ginger, orange, and basil. Let me tell you, that prego was delicious. The meat was juicy, the Bolo do Caco (that's the bread it comes on) comforting, and the tea super refreshing (which came in handy since it was 80 degrees outside). One note, NO LLEVE NEGRO. The bread has this floury white stuff on top and you will look like you have a serious case of dandruff after eating your Prego. This is one time I'd recommend you wear white. On a side note, just like most places in Principe can get a cheaper/better Prego en otro lugar ... pero si estás en la zona, this is where you want to

Located at: calle de la escuela politécnica, 40

Hours of Operation: Could find none on their website, but they are open on Sundays.


El Tomate: I was a bit confused by the Spanish name of this itty bitty joint, but the food here is more Mediterranean than Spanish.  Los platos son muy asequible, the food is delicious, and the owners are from Porto, so we had our first Francesinha here (I loved it...Antonio is still on the fence....but he's way more of a healthy eater than I am).  Todo lo que tenía era deliciosa: beef carpaccio and tuna tartare. Go and enjoy.

Located at: Rua Da Escola Politecnica, 23


bar al aire libre inspirado indio en el Príncipe Real Barrio de Lisboa

If you're looking for a romantic spot in Principe Real, Lost In takes the cake

Lost In: Thisesplanada type bar is sort of hidden, you have to walk into an alleyway, but it affords you an incredibly romantic spot with a great view of the city. It's decorated with Indian fabrics, old wrought iron beds have been turned into couches for two, and the view simply makes this place spectacular. I did not eat here, so I can't comment on the food, but this makes for a lovely spot to visit on a night out.

Located at: Rua Dom Pedro V 56

Hours of Operation: Mon 4pm - midnight & Tue - Sat 12:30pm - midnight


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      It’s a wonderful spot. Very calm and so much stuff to do. Eleven, the Michelin star restaurant is such a value too.

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      All of Lisbon is quite pretty, best part is the weather. I went to the beach in November. This Summer has been pretty mild as well.

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      You would love it here. There are tons of antique stores, and every Sunday (in another neighborhood) there is a Thieve’s market. It’s a combination of antiques and tchotkes. Great place to shop when you visit Libson.

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      It’s really wonderful. I was just there today & it is as gorgeous as ever.

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      It really is lovely. There is another park in Lisbon I love called Tapada das Necesidades, no shopping or vibe there, more of a place where you can relax that I’d highly recommend during your visit.

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    What an absolutely beautiful place!! The culture, the beauty the nature. I would love to be able to visit here.

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      It really is a perfect blend of nature and culture. I was just there on Saturday and remembered how wonderful it is. I’d highly recommend Lisbon as a place to vacation. It’s got great weather, wonderful art and nature, and parks like Principe Real 😉

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    These are some amazing sights to see for sure. You talked about St. Rocco who was my grandparents favorite saint. My grandfather worn him around his neck til the day he died. I would love to see some of these sights some day. Thanks so much for sharing these gorgeous and interesting sights.

    • Blanca Valbuena

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      Thank you for this comment. Saint Rocco was also my grandma’s favorite saint, I think it had something to do with her love of animals, something she passed onto me (I think of her quite often whenever I head to these sites). She was quite religious and the year she passed away I was in Rome. Visiting the Vatican for me was a way of saying goodbye. Something she never got to do, but that she would have loved to have done. Weird way to honor her memory, but it works (at least in my mind). Thank you for bringing her to my mind today, I’m so happy that I was able to bring a reminder of your grandparents. I really do think grandparents are the best.

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      Debieras. It’s wonderful. There is tons of art and culture in Lisbon, but there is also great nightlife and food. I think you’d love it.

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      Principe real has gotten a bit more popular with tourists over the past few years, so it’s not as calm as it used to be (at least not on the main strip). But that also means that the government is putting a lot of love into it, so I would say it is one of the most beautiful neighborhoods in Lisbon and one that is seeing great preservation efforts. I highly recommend visiting, it’s lovely.

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      Realmente es, and the botanical gardens there are divine. I’d also recommend the science museum, great for kids.

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