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Sugerencias de viajes Lyon Francia

  • Escultura de león plaza de Luis XIV
  • ancas de rana fritas en Lyon Francia
  • Gelato en Vieux Lyon Francia
  • salas de queso de Lyon Francia
  • queso en la sala en Lyon Francia
  • Chocolates de Pascua Lyon Francia Les Halles
  • Fines de Claire Oysters
  • Musee Gadagne Museo de Títeres de marionetas
  • casco antiguo de Lyon Francia
  • Las aves de corral en Les Halles Paul Bocuse
  • Marionetas en Musee Gadagne
  • Barcos en el río Ródano, en Lyon Francia
  • Escaleras en el río Ródano, en Lyon Francia
  • Calle de la carne de vaca Lyon Francia
  • Ruinas Escaleras FOURVIERE
  • Lyon Francia Escaleras
  • Cesta de Lyon Francia
  • Fuente Bautismal Lyon Francia
  • Arte callejero en Lyon
  • Piscina junto al Ródano Lyon Francia
  • La catedral de Lyon Francia
  • La Iglesia en Lyon
  • mercado de Lyon
  • verduras Lyon Francia
  • Saone mercado de los granjeros en Lyon
  • Fuente Plaza de la República Lyon
  • placa de despojos
  • La Iglesia fourviere Lyon
  • Arte en el puente en Lyon Francia
  • cordero chocolate Lyon Francia
  • Croque monsieur Lyon Francia
  • salas de chocolate de Pascua ovejas Paul Bocuse
  • Bar Les Halles Lyon Francia
  • escultura del león Lyon Francia
  • El metal se levantó en la calle Lyon Francia
  • Lyon Francia de comidas
  • Paul Bocuse de coches

Te gusta la comida? Do you love food? Si es así, entonces es posible que desee considerar la posibilidad de Lyon como su próximo destino de viaje. Además de la comida, hay maravillosos museos, shops, and parks. On top of that there is the wonderful Fete des Lumieres in the winter season. It is a wonderful, working French city. The people are friendly, the food is fantastic, the city is clean, beautiful, and unlike other European cities; Lyon functions. It functions incredibly well. De verdad recomiendo Lyon para unas vacaciones en Francia. It's lovely and with these Lyon Travel tips, you'll have a wonderful time there.

Lyon Travel Tips

Lyon está configurado como muchas otras ciudades que se sientan en un río. Lo que pasa es que sentarse en el Ródano y Saona se juntan y al igual que Nueva York. Its old city sits where Manhattan would be. If you are on the Rhone side, you're in Queens/Brooklyn. Once you get to the island, you're in Manhattan...and when you go to Vieux're in NJ. Makes it much easier when you're trying to get around...oh, yeah...the "grittier" part of Lyon...just happens to coincide with the Bronx.

¿Por qué vas a amar a Lyon?

  • It is the gastronomy capital of France
  • It's a UNESCO World Heritage site
  • Really cool museums
  • If you're a member of the house Lannister, you'll love this's full of lions
  • The city just works
  • Its Festival of Lights is one of the most amazing spectacles I have ever experienced.
salas de queso de Lyon Francia

Cheese is a must in Lyon. Especially at Cellerier located at les Halles de Paul Bocuse

Gastronomy (Stuff you'll want to eat when you're in Lyon)

You say you like to eat? Then you need to go to Lyon. It all started in the 19th Century. At that time the city's economy depended on silk workers. These silk workers would recharge in "bouchons" simple, modest establishments that served hearty cuisine to help them get through the long days. Lyon first made its mark on the French culinary scene in the 19th century, when the city was the center of the booming silk industry. Hungry silk workers clustered in tiny bistros, called “bouchons” to consume the robust, cheap fare necessary to carry them through their 18-hour work days. Then, bouchons were bare-bones, family-run establishments, sorely lacking in style and décor, but infused with a welcoming, home-style atmosphere (you can read more about it here). At this time the kitchens were mostly run by us girls. It took until the middle of the 20th Century for the men to take hold.

If you're a carnivore, you'll love Lyonnais bouchons. If you are a gastronaut, you'll adore them.  Soy Colombiano, and as such, I am well accustomed to eating brains, intestines, tongue...I love all those wiggly little bits. El Lyonnais no son tímidos a la hora de despojos. At your typical bouchon you can expect:

  • Andouille (grilled chitterlings sausage)
  • Boudin noir (blood sausage - very different than Colombian Morcilla, but just as tasty)
  • Cervelle de canut “brains of the silk-weaver” made of cream cheese, garlic, and chives.
  • Gateau de volaille (chicken liver "cake")
  • Espigones d'âne("donkey snout" salad)
  • Quenelles (flour, egg and cream dumplings usually filled with fish like Pike)
  • Tripe (pig or cow’s stomach).

When you go to your first Bouchon, just order the Lyonnaise plate. It will come with a selection of these delicious bits...and you can gross out your travel companion.

If you aren't as adventurous as I am, you don't need to worry. Paul Bocuse is king in Lyon and Nouvelle Cuisine is his queen. He made French Cuisine elegant, lighter, and more refined. Heck, the Bocuse d'Or which is the most coveted award for chefs in the world is named after him. And, lucky for you and me, Bocuse is still alive and cooking, so you can head to one of his restaurants and have the meal of a lifetime. On top of this, you can head over to Les Halles de Lyon Paul Bocuse. This is the mother of all food markets. I went there on an almost daily basis when I was in Lyon (Seriously, you can check my Foursquare check ins).  Se encuentra cerca de la estación de tren Part Dieu y usted puede llenar casi todos los deseos de su estómago no (if you want a proper accounting of everything you can get here, check out this post). If you have a kitchen, you can pick up goodies to make stuff at home. If you don't just pick one of the many restaurants in Les Halles. You won't go wrong.

You can also check out the Farmer's market, que tendrá lugar el sábado por la mañana a lo largo del río Saona, en el Vieux Lyon. You can enjoy some very well priced oysters, lots of produce, and go home full and happy.


placa de despojos

Plat Lyonnaise is a typical dish of Lyon France

Affordable Restaurants in Lyon

You need to dine out while you are in Lyon. Start saving up. While there are some lovely and inexpensive places, if you are in the Culinary capital of the may as well eat at the best restaurants. That being said...unless you're Mark Zuckerberg, Recomiendo estos encantadores establecimientos de la mejor comida de presupuesto Lyon Francia(and I've included their estimated pricing):

Le Garage - 29 Rue de Bonel - 3rd Arrondisement -  20€ almuerzo, 26€ Menu Lyonnaise - plato recomendado fricassée de rognons de veau façon Grand-Mère (a fricasee of liver made like grandma would make).

L’Ame Soeur - 209 Rue Dugesclin - 44€ Dinner (5 courses), but they run daily specials that are less expensive.  El Magret de pato es excepcional.

Le Jean Moulin - 22 Rue Gentil - 2nd Arrondisement -  20€ Lunch - The chef here is young, but he is incredibly skilled. The atmosphere is welcoming, but upscale.

Brasserie Léon de Lyon - 1 Rue Pleney - 1st Arrondisement - 21€ Lunch - It's family owned and been around forever. Es una brasserie clásico y una visita obligada en Lyon. Great quenelles.

 L'Ourson Qui Boit - 23 Rue Royale - 1st Arrondisement - 14€ Lunch - Cuando usted tiene un chef japonés usandoLa technique, it is hard to go wrong. This restaurant is awesome!

Les Halles de Paul Bocuse - 102 Cours Lafayette - Pricing will vary depending on where you eat. You will not go wrong with any restaurant here. Click this link for my super long write up on everything I loved there.

L'Institut - 20 Place Bellecour - This is a new restaurant in the city and it is affiliated with the Paul Bocuse cooking school. You're basically eating a 3 star michelin star meal for the cost of a regular meal in the city. Yeah, it's not "cheap", but in's one of the best value restaurants in Lyon.

Ruinas romanas en Lyon, France

Stadium seating at the Gallo-Roman ruins in Lyon as well as what seems to be shops

Gallo Ruinas romanasUNESCO Sitio en Lyon

I love UNESCO sites. Every UNESCO site that I have visited, I have loved.  Lyon was made a UNESCO site in 1998. Lyon was originally a Roman city (there are ruins there that you can visit).   UNESCO dice que el Lyon fue incluido "by virtue of the special way in which it has developed spatially, Lyon illustrates in an exceptional way the progress and evolution of architectural design and town planning over many centuries."

Parque la Cabeza de Oro del Festival de las Luces O Lyon

The theme for the 2013 Fete des Lumieres in Lyon was a Chinese Corner. Visitors were given water lilies with candles to set upon the lake

La Fete des Lumieres

This is my favorite time to visit Lyon. It's cold (like US winter cold), but the city bustles with excitement. The Feast celebrates a miracle performed by the Virgin Mary (she saved the city from the plague). Early on, people lit a candle in their window in thanks. Now the city is enveloped in lights and puts on the most amazing light displays. The city gets pretty packed, but unlike festivals in other countries, everything here is orderly and nice. You can drink Vin Chaud on the street get yourself a garlic sausage sandwich and spend all night trying to see the light displays. If you do during this time, hacer reservas de cena wayyyyy antes de tiempo.

Transportation en Lyon

Lyon has awesome an transportation system

  • Métro (A.K.A. TLC) - There are four lines which makes it particularly easy to navigate. 
  • Trams & Trolleys - These are awesome. They are clean, fast and easy to take. There are four lines. When you hop on, make sure to validate your ticket.
  • Funicular - There are only 2 funiculars in Lyon. Lo más probable es utilizar la línea de Fourvière
  • Bus - These are meant more for going out of Lyon. I'd skip these if possible. Besides, I almost got killed by one last time I was in Lyon.
  • Velo’v - It's Lyon's bike share system. Super fun and really convenient. There are Velo'v stations almost everywhere.
Musee Gadagne Museo de Títeres de marionetas

Musee Gadagne Lyon France


Lyon has some kick ass museums. My favorite is the Musee Gadagne. It is a puppet/marionette museum. So freakin' cool. It is in this amazing Renaissance building and holds some of the coolest Marionettes I have ever seen. This to me is not to be missed. There is also the Gallo-Roman museum.   Si usted está en el arte romano y la historia (like I am), this is your spot. There are way more museums in Lyon, but these are two you should not miss.


Lyon works. The city is safe, beautiful, and full of character. It is a "young" city, and its youth is happy and functional. Unlike other French cities, the internet is quite fast. You can easily get from a-b without effort. This is an easy city to settle into, you'll see.

How to get to Lyon

Planes: Fly to Paris. Hang out there for a few days and let the jet lag work its way out of your system. Then you can either fly to Lyon's airport (Saint-Exupéry Airport) takes about an hour.  También puede tomar una TVG train to Lyon's Gare (takes about 2 hours and it is way more pleasant).

Where to Stay in Lyon

I do not like hotels in Lyon. They are fine, but meh. I found a lovely apartment a few blocks from Les Halles on Airbnb. It was in walking distance to everything. Fantastic hosts. Eso sí, no tratar de reservar durante mi próximo viaje o vamos a tener algunos problemas.

Need more Lyon Travel tips? Have specific questions, just ask in the comments below. 

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