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British Cemetery Lisbon

Cemeteries are wonderful places to visit when you travel. They are serene, they are beautiful, and they have a lot to teach you about the people and history of the place. There are two cemeteries in Lisbon that you absolutely must visit. They are Prazeres and the British Cemetery in Lisbon. If you visit both, you will get to know about two different peoples who lived together in the city.

British Cemetery in Lisbon

A tombstone at lisbon's St. George Cemetery

The tombstones at the British Cemetery are less intricate than those at Prazeres

Getting to the British Cemetery in Lisbon is easy. If you're at Estrela Church, cross the street towards the park and walk left and around the corner. Cross the street. The door to the cemetery will be along a long wall.

St. George's Church serves the Protestant community in Lisbon

The British Cemetery is home to the only English-speaking Anglican church in the city

The cemetery is also home to St. George's church. A beautiful pink colored facade that leads to the only English-Speaking Anglican service in Lisboa.

History of the British Cemetery

A romantic cemetery in Lisbon

The Tombstones at the British Cemetery are consumed by plants

The British who lived in Lisbon had a hard time in the city, they weren't even allowed to be buried in the city. Protestants would have to bury their loved ones in places like the sea shore. As the British community grew in Lisbon, treatises were put in place to change this.

In 1654, Cromwell and King João IV agreed to allow English people in Lisbon to have a plot to bury their dead. However, nothing really happened until 1717 when a plot of land was found for St. George's Cemetery. If you were not Roman Catholic, this was the place to bury your dead. 

People at the British Cemetery

Although his grave is not there a monument was erected to Henry Fielding

The monument to British novelist Henry Fielding

 Henry Fielding

The British novelist moved to Lisbon because he needed to take care of his health. Desafortunadamente, he passed there in 1754. While he may not actually be buried at the British cemetery (the location of his grave is unknown), there is a raised tomb as a monument to the artist.  

Things to do Near the British Cemetery

La basílica de Lapa alberga los restos de la reina

Basílica da Estrela es una de las más grandes iglesias en Lisboa y tiene un pesebre increíble

Estrela Church

This church was built by Queen Maria I as a thank you to Mary for giving her a male heir. The church facade is gorgeous with Late Baroque and Neoclassical elements. When you go inside the church, you can see Maria's tomb and a gorgeous nativity set . Everything is free except for the 1.50€ fee to see the nativity.

Si necesitas una comida cerca de la Estrella Iglesia en la caída de Lisboa por Jardim da Estrela Cafe

Cafe Jardim da Estrela no puede ser un kiosco oficial, pero es un lugar encantador para tomar un bocado al aire libre

Estrela Park

Across from the British Cemetery is Estrela Park. It is used by locals and tourists alike. A few things to love are its library kiosk, the two kiosk restaurants, and the gazebo (If you haven't checked the kiosks of Lisbon, you must). If you have kids, this is a must see. 

Where to Eat Nearby

Sushi Kiosk

To the left of Estrela church, there is a sushi kiosk. Don't expect Nobu quality, but the setting is fantastic (you can watch people board the famous 28 tram) and the location could not be more convenient.

Gengibre da Estrela Kiosk

Not the best food, but you can't beat the location inside Estrela Park. There's also wifi and prices are cheap. Located in front of the Basilica. 

Café Star Garden

Again, the food leaves a lot to be desired, but you can sit and enjoy your meal right in the park. There's also live music here from time to time. Located inside the park. 

Churrascaria O Lavrador

This is a typical Lisbon restaurant. They have menus in all different languages and meals are large and inexpensive. Their grilled fish is quite good and around €8 for a dish. Located at Calçada da Estrela 193.

Flor da Estrela

Another traditional style restaurant. They put out tables and chairs out front which is a little awkward because it is on a hill, but it is still a wonderful place to watch the trollies and people. Food is tasty and cheap, about €8 for a special. Located at Rua Joao de Deus 11. 

General Information

The tram is an easy way to get to Estrela Basilica, Estrela Park and the British Cemetery

Take the 25 or 28 tram to Estrela Basilica and walk one block

The British Cemetery is located at Rua de San Jorge, 6 - 1250-235 Lisbon

Hours of Operation: De lunes a viernes 10:30am - 1pm, Sun 11am-1pm (Closed Tue & Thur in August)

Costo: Suggested Donation

Llegar allí: Take trams 25 or 28 (they stop at Estrela Basilica). 

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