Galeries Lafayette Paris

There is nothing better than traversing markets and stores in other countries. I absolutely adore seeing what locals purchase and sell in all different areas. While I tend to stick to the more down to Earth Galerien unddie Hallen; abundzu, Ich sehne mich nach ein wenig Luxus. Als ich in Italien, Dieses Verlangen wurde von den vielen Eatalies im ganzen Land saturierten. In Paris, dies wurde gesorgt durch Galeries Lafayette Gourmet. Galeries Lafayette is a chain of stores that has been around since 1912. Clotheshorses would always make this a destination on their visits to the city of lights. 

Galeries Lafayette Paris

The flagship for Galeries Lafayette  is located in the 9th Arrondissement of Paris on Boulevard Haussmann near the Palais Garnier Opera house and the Musee du Parfum Fragonard. The store offers 753,474 square feet of shopping. It's HUGE. When  you arrive, you will note that the store is divided into two buildings. One is for regular shopping, the second is dedicated to food (that's my favorite part). 

The food market at Galeries Lafayette has everything a foodie can desire. What can you get there? Here's a glimpse at some of the things you can purchase at Galeries Lafayette:

You can buy traditional French Food like snails at Galeries lafayette

You can purchase Burgundian escargot at Galeries Lafayette

Es wäre kein Pariser Lebensmittelgeschäft ohne escargot sein. This is an escargot brand from Burgundy. 

Savoy Terrine can be purchased at Galeries Lafayette in Paris

You can buy all sorts of Terrines like this one from the Alps region in France


You can get all sorts of Terrines at Galeries Lafayette. These are from a company called Les Alpes Campagnards and hail from the region of Savoy. 

Joel Robuchon's line of frozen dishes is available at Galeries Lafayette

You can buy frozen food from France's top Chef, MOF Joel Robuchon

Gourmet Frozen Food

Fleury Michon is France's most purchased brand of food. Since it's France, they partnered up with Joël Robuchon to make a line of frozen food. Pretty good I may add. These cost about €6 each. 

Galeries Lafayette in Paris has a good assortisment of Mustard

There is a great mustard selection at Galeries Lafayette


There were all types of mustard at Galeries Lafayette. This was mustard made of cider vinegar by a company called Champ's which has been owned by the Guillomy family since 1964. Wanna know what's cooler? Philippe Guillomy is not just an "artisan moutardier", he is one of 10 in the entire country. 

You can find Peeled Chestnuts at Galeries Lafayette On Haussman in Paris

Galeries Lafayette even offers Peeled Chestnuts

Peeled Whole Chestnuts

These are from a company called Marguerite de Turenne. They sell all types of fruits and sweet treats. The company is named after  the last suzerain of Bergerac who recorded over 1,200 recipes from the Périgord region. 

Entenconfit, a classic French dish can be bought premade

You can buy duck Confit at Galeries Lafayette in Paris


Confit de canard is one of France's signature dishes. While it is originally from Gascony, it has been adopted throughout the country. The dish uses the entire duck and is quite labor intensive. The duck is salted and then cooked in its own fat. Most French won't make this dish, but buy it from purveyors such as Freres Gourmets. Two thigs cost €15.

Galeries Lafayette has Nutella and other international items

If you are looking for large size Nutella, Galeries Lafayette is your spot


Not everything at Galeries Lafayette is French. There are plenty of items from other countries, and this includes everyone's favorite hazelnut spread, Nutella. At Galeries Lafayette, you can find it in large formats, so this is a great gift idea. 

There are all types of dried mushrooms at this store in Paris

There is a great selection of dry mushrooms at Galeries Lafayette

Dehydrated Mushrooms

You won't be disappointed at the selection of dehydated mushrooms at Galeries Lafayette, it's quite extensive. 

Truffled eggs are abundant at Galeries Lafayette

Oeufs de Caille aux Truffes - a delicacy

Getrüffeltes Wachteleier

Didn't purchase these, but I'm still trying to figure out how they got the truffles inside. 

Galeries Lafayette offers vinegar pearls

You can buy vinegar pearls at Galeries Lafayette

Perlanova Vinegar Pearls

This was the first time I saw these balsamic vinegar pearls. It was suggested that they could be used to decorate salads and dishes. They seem kinda fun!

Salumeria Rossi Parmacotto hatte eine Fläche hier. ehrfürchtig Lasagne & großer Wein.

Ein Dim-Sum-Shop (das Zeug hier war fantastisch & eine gute Möglichkeit, Geld für Essen zu sparen).

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