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What is it like to fly ANA Airlines Business

ANA Airlines Meal

After flying on Delta to Tokyo and the Philippines, I needed to make my way back home. I was lucky enough to fly ANA airlines (All Nipon Airways). ANA is the biggest airline in Japan and also a member of Star Alliance. It's ranked one of the best airlines in the world, so needless to say, I was excited to fly this airline again. I had already had a very pleasant experience and my expectations for my meals were now pretty high. This new flight was just the flight from Manila to Tokyo where I would have an hour and a half layover to the Continental leg of the trip to Newark Airport. The seats on this flight were quite comfortable. They were not the cocoons of Delta, but were spacious and reclined fully; good stuff. If you're wondering what is it like to fly ANA Airlines Business? It's all sorts of wonderful.

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ANA Airlines Charles Mignon Champagne

When we sat down the flight attendant offered us drinks. I opted for Champagne. It was Charles Mignon Brut Grande Reserve Premier Cru (made of Pinot Noir and Chardonnay), the stuff was delicious. Not overly yeasty, with a bright acidity and citrus on the nose. Exactly what I was craving at the moment. I had a feeling this would be a good flight.
ANA Airlines Appetizer Pork Loin Prawn Terrine

The menu was separated by month. There was only one choice for the appetizer for April. Not to say that they were being cheap. The meal included a black peppered sliced pork loin, a huge simmered prawn and steamed chicken terrine. Thankfully I had learned from my flight from Detroit to Japan (to Manila) to go easy on the eating. I already knew this multi course meal would be enough to make me full, so I made sure to leave some food on the plate. Delicious, the pork had just a tad too much pepper, but it was juicy (something most airlines do not accomplish). The prawn was cooked to perfection and the chicken terrine was sinful. I could have used some crackers or a piece of bread for the terrine, but I made do.

ANA Airlines Meal Main Course Seabream

For the main course, there were two choices; either steamed seabram or a roasted pork fillet. I went for the fish and Antonio selected the pork. The fish was lovely; sake steamed sea bream. The meat was clean and not overly fishy (as it should be with white fish) but it had a light sweetness that was contrasted by a bit of umami. The light sauce that the fish came in was perfect for pouring over the steamed rice. Along with the fish and rice were mushroom, bok choi and other Japanese veggies; quite a delight. This dish was impressive and obviously built to please the majority of people.

ANA Airlines Roasted Pork Main Course

Antonio's roasted pork fillet was rolled in bacon and served with a bacon-three mushroom sauce and buttered rice. I have to say, his rice was splendid. The texture was a bit crunchier (in a good way). The flavor was rich and decadent and only 482 calories (yup, caloric content was stated on their menu). This airline meal was definitely a win. For dessert, ice cream...but not just any ice cream. The flight attendants came around with individual containers of Häagen-Dazs ice cream. I skipped that and went for a little more bubbly. The service, food and goodies on this airline made everything better. This is an airline that knows what it is doing. If you are a foodie, I would highly recommend this as an option. Sure beats out the Continental meal on the way to Colombia.

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