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Blanca ValbuenaThese are always interesting to write. Hmmm...about me. Born in Colombia, moved to the US in 1987. When I landed in Miami, all I knew how to say was "Mi no spiki inglich" and "pollito-chicken, gallina-hen, lapiz-pencil, pluma-pen). It took me a few years of teasing by virtually every kid in school to finally figure out the proper pronunciation of the word "school", that sch sound was tough. Went to Rutgers with the idea of going into Law, but I took an art history class and fell in love. Sadly, I found out after taking quite a large number of courses towards that major that Art Historians really don't make that much money.

I got a job at Nordstrom to pay the rent, where I learned a lot about customer service (thanks Arnold & Nick). Then I ended up in the wine and spirits world. I did my rounds with Bacardi, and then moved onto wine with a wonderful company called Seaboard Brokers. This is where my love of wine was cemented.

Somewhere in between this time, Petey came into my life. Best thing ever!

During this time, someone encouraged me to go on Match.com. I met the man who would become the love of my life and business partner there, Antonio Evans. Soon, we were sounding quite a bit like Pinky & the Brain as we plotted ways to take over the world.

We started our business, FriendsEAT in 2005 and we're still here. We've just launched Socialdraft and are looking forward to changing the world with it.

Want to connect with me? You can find me pretty much everywhere, but you'll have better luck if you ping me on Twitter or Google+.  I'm just getting started with the site, so bear with me and enjoy...hopefully I'll get time to update the new Google+ "persona" page too.

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Blanca Valbuena

I am the co-founder of FriendsEat and Socialdraft. I've got an unhealthy obsession with Burgundian Chardonnay, ASOIAF, and travel.

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  • Leu G

    August 5, 2013 at 11:44 am

    Hey Blanca! You’re everywhere! 🙂 I enjoy reading about the places you visit & people you meet! Keep going and yes you will change the world!

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